Chef Demos at Harewood House

Time Chef
Thursday @ 11am Eva Humphries
Thursday 2nd June Sandy Docherty (BAKE STAGE)
Thursday @ 12pm Fabio Cameroni
Thursday @ 1pm Sophie Hyam
Thursday @ 3pm Sophie Hyam
Thursday @ 4pm Eva Humphries
Friday @ 11am Fabio Cameroni
Friday 3rd June Sandy Docherty (BAKE STAGE)
Friday @ 1pm Fabio Cameroni
Friday @ 3pm Eva Humphries
Friday @ 4pm Eva Humphries
Saturday @ 11am Jon Appleby
Saturday 4th June Sandy Docherty (BAKE STAGE)
Saturday @ 1pm Marni Xuto
Saturday @ 3pm Jon Appleby
Saturday @ 4pm Marni Xuto
Sunday @ 11am Josh Barnes
Sunday 5th June Sandy Docherty (BAKE STAGE)

We will have a fabulous lineup of top chefs and bakers this year at Harewood House. We'll have some names you may recognise alongside some of the best chefs from local restaurants and pubs. Each chef will showcase a different dish and techniques.

Let them inspire you in your kitchen and learn how to create and perfect dishes at home. The chefs will be taking you through one (or two) of their favourite recipes while sharing shortcuts and tips of the trade. Always in a light-hearted and entertaining way we like to have fun with food on our Chef Demo stage.

The Chef Demos run on all days, with the line up changing on each day, and at each event. Demos start on the hour, each hour from 11am to 4pm, and they are all free to attend! So, come and grab a seat and learn something new.

Nick (our Chef compare) says, "Ive been lucky enough to learn from some brilliant chefs how to make some wonderful dishes. We always keep it ligh-hearted and invite the audience to join in too. Come and grab a seat and join us for a dish or two!"

Our Chef's Table: 2 lucky audience members will be invited to the chef's table to sample the dishes cooked by our on-stage chef.

Tasters will be available at the end of most demos (dependent of the chef and the dish).

Please note line-ups are a guide and subject to change at short notice