Sandy Docherty

Sandy Docherty


Trentham Gardens Sunday @ 11:30am - Chef Demo

Trentham Gardens Sunday @ 1:30pm - Chef Demo

Trentham Gardens Saturday @ 2:30pm - Chef Demo

Trentham Gardens Saturday @ 11:30am - Chef Demo

Trentham Gardens Monday @ 10:30am - Chef Demo

Trentham Gardens Monday @ 12:30pm - Chef Demo

Harewood House Saturday 25th May - Bake Stage

Hardwick Hall Friday 31st May - Bake Stage

Arley Hall Saturday 21st September - Bake Stage

Harewood House Monday @ 3:30pm - Chef Demo


Bake off Sandy continues with her mission to Bake Down Barriers, to get the world cooking and baking and sharing their stories of Food.

Sandy appeared in series 6 of the Great British Bake Off.

Sandy will always continue to support charity events, working with such charities as: Help for Heroes, The Bronte Society, Howarth Fair trade, NHS Hospitals and Candlelighters hospice plus organisations in and around her native Yorkshire.

“I love the opportunity to share my passion with the public, baking and cooking have a universal language. It can say, I care, it can say welcome, I’m sorry or just, I’ve made plenty”

Sandy believes that cooking and baking can cross the divide between generations which “has to be a good thing"

Sandy has been working with ‘Scratching shed Publications’ on a Northern Baking book, ‘Recipes with tenuous links to people, places and things in the North of England’ which is in for publication and available very soon!

Sandy loves to hear recipes and food stories when demonstrating at Food Festivals and enjoys the banter and fun that the audience brings. She says “I’m inspired by the public and thrive on their feedback and comments.

To Sum up her mission Sandy says, “Baking and cooking is an uncomplicated activity that can only bring joy”