Challenge Stage at Burton Constable

Are you Man (or Woman) enough to take it on?!?

There are laughs throughout the day with our Men (or Women) v Food challenges. The first is at 12:30, as we head to lunchtime, the huge sausages are cooked and our Men v Meat competition kicks off.

We taste and judge the cakes entered for our Cake Off at 1:30pm. Find out more and enter for a FREE ticket.

Want to see a grown man cry? Head to the Challenge Stage for our Chilli Challege at 2:30pm. It's hard to watch and harder for our contestants to stomach - but whatever happens its great entertainment. We'll take our contestants from a Jalapeno all the way to the Worlds Hottest Chillis - if they can handle it! Only one will walk away as the victor!!

We wrap the day up with a dessert based challenge we call Pairs v Treat (its teams of two that take this on). Who will win the coverted T-Shirt today?!?

The Challenge Stage Schedule

Jam-packed throughout the day (subject to change tho', so check on the day!)

11.30am – Men v Food (Treat)... Teams of two take on our dessert-based challenge

12pm – Cheese-off

12:30pm – Men v Food (Meat)…the big sausage eating contest!

1pm – GB Cheese Off Taste & Vote!

1:30pm – Cake Off... Taste & judge cakes

2:30pm – Men v Food (Heat)… hot, hot, hotter! Chilli eating challenge.

3:30pm – Gin-off

The Challenges

Sausage Eating Challenge

Competitors eat as much sausage as they can in 6 minutes and 6 seconds.

Chilli Challenge

Hot, hot and hotter. If it gets too hot there is a pint of milk (then you're out!). Medics will be on hand.

Treat Challenge

Teams of two take on a mammoth sweet treat… with a nice little twist.

74.5 inches of sausage, followed by a pint of cider in 6min 6sec remains our record! Impressively set by our reigning champion, James Shute at Bowood 2016, none of our recent challengers have managed to take his Crown! Will he remain undefeated for 2022 or are you man (or woman enough) to do better?!