Many have tried… many have failed!

74.5 inches of sausage, followed by a pint of cider in 6min 6sec remains our record! Impressively set by our reigning champion, James Shute at Bowood 2016, none of our 2017 brave challengers managed to take his Crown! Will he remain undefeated for 2018 or are you man (or woman enough) to do better?!


Men v Food Winner

The Challenge Stage Schedule

Jam-packed throughout the day (subject to change tho’, so check on the day!)

11:00am – Forager Talk then join the walk
11:15am – Artisan Talks
12:15pm – Forager Talk then join the walk
12:30pm – Men v Food (Meat)…the big one!
1:00pm – GB Cheese Off Taste & Vote!

1:30pm – Cake Off Taste & judge cakes
2:30pm – Men v Food (Heat)… hot, hot, hotter! (in assoc with,  Leeds) 
3:00pm – Drinks Talks and Tasting
4:00pm – Men v Food (Treat) Pairs vs Choc

The Challenges

Our evil panel sits around a big table and comes up with challenges to push the Great British public to their eating limits. Here are our top pics for 2017….

The Rules

606 Sausage Challenge competition rules

1. £5 to enter – all money to charity – 5 participants in each event
2. Simon’s 12 inch sausages served
3. 6 min 6 sec to eat as much sausage as you can then down a pint of cider – sauce is allowed and encouraged
4. No drinking until you stop eating
5. If the pint is not finished within the 6 min 6 sec then you’re disqualified from the competition
6. If you are sick within the 6 min 6 secs you are disqualified
7. Everyone who has not been disqualified gets the amount of sausage they have not eaten measured to establish who has eaten the most sausage
8. Winner gets a t-shirt

Chilli challenge rules

1. £5 to enter – all money to charity
2. Competitors must eat the whole chilli (excluding the stalk) or chilli cracker
3. If you are sick or take a drink then you are out
4. Chilli heat raises through the rounds
5. If no clear winner then we go to a speed chilli challenge

Treat challenge rules

1. Teams work in pairs for this challenge
2. Entire pint of chocolate/ice cream/gooey goodness must be emptied
3. Fastest pair wins
4. There is a slight twist – we’ll tell you about this when your up on stage!
5. We need to see empty mouths before we can confirm a winning team!

Meet the man with the mic

“Make as much noise as you can – it really helps the challengers and put as much as you can in the charity boxes on our stage – it’s all for a good cause!”

Sign up on the day by seeing Tim at the challenge stage and giving him a fiver for the local charity that we’re supporting that weekend.

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Nick MaycockMen V Food