There’s lots for the kids to do!

We  think that a proper British Summer Day out wouldn’t be complete without the kids running around having fun so we’ve tried to make sure that there’ll be plenty of things to amuse them throughout the day. There’ll be lots of activities and inflatables (weather dependent) and of course, they can dance all day long to all the great live music & enjoy eating all of the tasty treats from our exhibitors!!!


FREE Circus Skills Workshop


Circus Skills: Come and join the Party Workshops Family Circus, where the star of the show is you! Try your hands at juggling, your feet at unicycling, or even find out how many plates you can spin! Fun for all ages and abilities, from budding clowns to advanced acrobats, we have fun skills for all! So come along and see what you can do!

Bubble Massive: Blow your very own giant bubbles in our Bubble Massive workshops! Using our magic wands and bubble juice, see who can make the biggest bubble and who’s can float the furthest! Fun for all ages! Adult assistance required for under 5s.

Treasure Hunt: Keep your eyes peeled for tasty treasure as you explore the event! Collect all the letters to unscramble the tasty hidden word!

Food Olympics: Join in our fun food sporting events for children of all ages. Have your children shown off their Olympic skills in our very own Food Olympics!



Children’s Cookery Classes

Get your children involved in some foodie fun, cooking classes  perfect for little budding chefs!
Fancy the little ones being entertained for 30-40mins, having the chance to get their hands dirty whilst learning how to make a fabulous treat, they can take home and eat -while you can stand back, watch & relax & best of all, leave us to clean up! (£3.50 per child)

Book Cookery Class


Mini Zoo

Wildlife Displays are bringing their mini zoo to Harewood House and Arley Hall this year!

If you have a love of animals and you find yourself watching nature programmes and wishing that you were there, then this experience will give you a taste of what it’s like to meet many animals face-to-face.

An exciting, educational and interactive experience, you will learn fascinating facts about each animal and there is a great range of exotic and more common animals you’ll get to meet, including; meerkats, rabbits, snakes, guinea pigs, spiders, birds of prey and more!

Bobo Street Entertainer

Ras King Bobo 1 is a multi talented entertainer originally from Ghana. His blend of acrobatics, street dance, circus skills and more is great fun to watch and even better to take part in. Be prepared for an engaging and energetic performance that will have you on your feet and quite possibly showing off skills you never knew you had.  Based in the UK for the last six years, Ras King Bobo 1 is an engaging performer who brings a slice of West African sunshine to every performance he does.

Only at Hardwick Hall (Sun & Mon), Knebworth (Sat & Sun) and Stonyhurst (Mon only)


What parents say…

“We had a great time with the whole family, lots for the kids to do!”

“My two little ens did the cookery class, really friendly and well organised”

“The free circus workshop tent was lots of fun, I even had a go on some stilts!”

Nick MaycockKids