Thủy Hoang

Thủy Hoang


Ashridge House Saturday @ 11:30am - Chef Demo

Ashridge House Saturday @ 1:30pm - Chef Demo

Ashridge House Sunday @ 11:30am - Chef Demo

Ashridge House Sunday @ 1:30pm - Chef Demo

Dinton Pastures Sunday @ 12:30pm - Chef Demo

Dinton Pastures Saturday @ 2:30pm - Chef Demo

Knebworth House Sunday @ 10:30am - Chef Demo

Lydiard Park Saturday @ 2:30pm - Chef Demo

Lydiard Park Sunday @ 12:30pm - Chef Demo

Lydiard Park Sunday @ 2:30pm - Chef Demo


Thuy Hoang was born in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam. She came to the United Kingdom at the age of nine as a refugee. Initially, Thuy trained as a pianist becoming a performing musician, music teacher, and completed her postgraduate degree in education. Across her life, though, Thuy has pursued her huge passion for baking and cooking. She was a Quarter Finalist on BBC1's MasterChef in 2023. Thuy cooks many styles of food but focusses on vibrant Vietnamese food culture with a modern twist. Southeast Asian ingredients inspire her with fresh herbs coupled with carefully balanced salty nuoc mam (fish sauce), sour lime and sugar, with the heat of fiery chillies. Thuy notes the huge importance of cuisine to Vietnamese families. As a small child, she watched her grandmother, mother and aunts prepare traditional dishes in their kitchens. She is passionate about her cultural heritage and its association with food. Since appearing on MasterChef, Thuy has advocated for great food and wine producers working with Angelucci coffee, BoTree peppercorns, Droitwich salt, Louisa’s Honey, and Marasby wine. She has participated in events including the BBC Good Food Show, the Hampton Court Palace and Great Missenden Food Festivals. Follow Thuy on Website: Instagram: thuycooks