Saira Hamilton

Saira Hamilton


Saira is a Chef, Food Presenter and Author best remembered as a finalist in MasterChef 2013. She won high praise from judges John and Gregg for her Bengali-inspired food. Gregg praised Saira. “This lady understands ingredients, she knows food. She can do delicious”

Michelin-starred chef Atul Kochhar said, ‘Saira has a gift for spicing.’

Narrowly finishing fourth, Saira was inspired by MasterChef to leave behind a 20 year career in law enforcement and embark on her dream of a new vocation in food.

Saira now cooks for private clients all over the country and hosts supper-clubs and runs cookery masterclasses at several venues.

Saira’s presentations are notable for her infectious enthusiasm and passion for good food as well as her easy-to-follow recipes.

Saira’s first cookbooks”Kitchen Favourites with Saira: Chilli, Ginger and Garlic” were published in February 2016 and showcase these 3 amazing ingredients. The user-friendly books are designed for home cooks and contain simple, no-nonsense recipes packed with flavour. Saira is now working on a new book of authentic Bangladeshi cuisine (Anness Publishing) due to be released in March 2018.

Find out more and read Saira’s blogs at, watch her video recipes on YouTube and Simply Good Food TV. You can follow Saira on Twitter & Instagram @SairaHamilton and on Facebook as SairaHamiltonChef.