Ramona's Kitchen

Ramona's Kitchen


Growing up, food was at the very heart of our family life. Always shared, always plentiful and utterly intertwined with our daily experiences, memories and joys.

Bountiful plates were passed from person to person, sometimes in order but mostly enthusiastically not! Gentle admonishments for the person grabbing their favourite Falafels blending with anecdotes and jokes shouted over the hubbub of eating.

My memories of the Turkish, Egyptian, Greek and Italian dishes that steamed and shined before us are as vivid now as their colours were then. Aromatic, delicious cuisines that so gloriously reflected my family’s heritage and upbringing and told me the stories of their lives through flavours and food.

When I first arrived in the UK, I searched for those familiar, comforting foods so I could bring them to my table once more and share them with friends, old and new. But nothing I found quite compared to the Levantine flavours and textures I remembered.

And so it was that the stories told to me through food for all those years, became part of a whole new story for me… Working every night in my kitchen, I used the finest ingredients and my trusty little blender to recreate the authentic Houmous, Falafels and Dips of my past.

And now, as RAMONA’S has grown from one small kitchen (and even smaller blender) to a much larger kitchen (with many, many blenders), I get to share my love of great food and great company with an even bigger crowd. The next best thing to having you all over for dinner.

Because everything that comes from my kitchen to yours is to be enjoyed, and shared, plentifully, enthusiastically, noisily. With echoes of past hubbubs present in every generous serving, their flavours come ever more gloriously to life with every pass of the dish…

So pull up a chair, grab a plate and get ready to taste deliciously bold Mediterranean flavours that you won’t be able to resist sharing.