Knebworth House Saturday @ 12:30pm - Chef Demo

Lydiard Park Saturday @ 11:30am - Chef Demo

Lydiard Park Sunday @ 11:30am - Chef Demo


Radhika is a dynamic chef, digital content creator and food consultant with a flair for creating unforgettable flavours. She has a background in nutrition and completed her master’s degree in food and nutrition from Delhi University, India. Radhika founded Radikal Kitchen to share her exceptional recipes and inspire others to embark on a flavourful journey in the kitchen. As a prominent food influencer on Instagram (@radikalkitchen), Radhika has captured the hearts of food enthusiasts globally through her engaging online presence. Her innovative recipes, wellness tips, and vibrant culinary journeys resonate with a diverse audience eager to embrace a wholesome approach to food. Radhika has participated in a TV show called The World Cook currently on Amazon Prime and another exciting reality show coming soon on Channel 4 in May 2024. Jay Rayner, renowned food critic and the judge on The World Cook, described her cooking as ‘her food is bang on with the flavours’ and even commented ‘wonder if Radhika wants to be my mom’. Radhika is a member of the Chef’s Forum and teaches cooking to hospitality and catering students in colleges in London. Radhika brings the warmth of Indian kitchens to her home cooking classes, specializing in various Indian regional cuisines. She also teaches at Divertimenti cookery school and School of Wok in London. Radhika extends her culinary expertise to collaborate with companies and food brands, crafting unique and innovative recipes and doing cooking demos at food festivals including the Diwali melas at London’s prestigious Trafalgar Square.