Ashridge House 13:30 Saturday @ 1pm - Chef Demo

Knebworth House 14:30 Saturday @ 2pm - Chef Demo

Knebworth House 12:30 Sunday @ 12pm - Chef Demo


Mehak Kansal is the founder of Bindas Eatery, an Indian restaurant located in Shepherd's Bush, Westfield White City. Despite growing up in a family that did not know how to cook, Mehak's passion for food led her to teach herself how to create delicious dishes. She travelled around India to learn more about its rich cuisine and observed street vendors to gain inspiration for her own skills. Additionally, Mehak's knowledge of produce, seasonality, and farming methods led her to grow her own vegetables and herbs, which she used to experiment with techniques and flavours to create Anglo-Indian style dishes. After starting a small blog to share her recipes and launching a supper club, Mehak was awarded the 2018 Westfield Food Entrepreneur Award, leading to the opening of Bindas Eatery. The restaurant offers a variety of street eats, grills, eclectic eats, and traditional plates inspired by Mehak's travels, including her own take on classic dishes such as the famous 'Butter Chicken Bomb' and Bombay Cheese Toastie. Mehak's culinary journey is a testament to her dedication and love for food, and her restaurant is a celebration of Indian cuisine that takes customers on a flavourful journ.ey through India