Katie Davies

Katie Davies


I love to cook and eat great tasting food so I recently decided to create this website to share my recipes and to write about my experiences in some of the wonderful places to eat & drink in South Wales and beyond…

All images of my recipes and foodie adventures are taken by myself or, the better ones, by my husband Alan using my mobile phone.

About Katie
I am the extremely proud mother of 4 delightful and mad children, Bradley 7, Amelia, 6, Harrison 5 & Jackson 2!

I didn’t truly find out who I was until I became a mother, being a mother is the largest and most important part of my life and that’s one of the reasons I love cooking so much, because I show my love through my cooking, my mother always taught me, if you cook with love you food will always be tasty.

Britain’s Best Home Cook 2018

As a professional Mary Berry stalker I was absolutely thrilled to be able to take part in Britain’s Best Home cook 2018!!! #BBHC Mad Welsh Woman
Being around 1000% Welsh I love all things Welsh but in particular our produce, which is some of the best in the world, our cuisine and of course the people!

I’m very happily married to long suffering Alan and I work for South Wales Police as a 999 call handler and dispatcher, I’m very proud to be the 3rd generation of my family to work for South Wales Police.

I love all things food and foodie (especially eating). I just simply adore cooking, but I have lots of passions which keep me busy, I like gardening especially growing vegetables with the kids, sewing (work in progress), knitting and crocheting.

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