Josie Ingram

Josie Ingram


I am a keen home cook and enjoy cooking for my family and trying different things. My flavours are varied from my Filipino heritage and also influences from different countries I have lived and visited. Right now I’m living in Glasgow and am totally absorbed with the Scottish fresh produce. I love adding my cosmopolitan edge to traditional Scottish fare using the fresh produce and wonderful ingredients available at my doorstep.

Being on Britain’s Best Home Cook last year was an amazing experience. I met fantastic fellow home cooks and have shared my passion for food with them and have made friends for life.

After being on the show, I have improved my skills as a home cook. I now love to bake and make pastries. (A lot of family and friends now want me to bake cakes for their special occasions). I share recipes with my fellow contestants. I went to visit Katie in Wales and Fiona in Belfast to experience their favourite places to eat and cook with the local produce. This year, I went back to Philippines, Macau, Hong Kong and Korea (where I signed up for cooking lessons) to improve my culinary skills,

Also, I’ve recently started my Youtube Channel where I post my cooking videos, my travels and life as a Filipino living in Scotland.

For these coming events, I will be making a traditional Filipino Dish (“Pork Belly Adobo” Braised Pork Belly in Soy and Vinegar, served with Rice and stir fried green veg and a very simple pudding – Caramelised Banana Spring Rolls that I made on BBHC Episode 1 last year. Cooking is my absolute passion and I can’t wait to share my favourite recipes!