Daniel Green

Daniel Green


Daniel became inspired to be a chef at the age of 4 by his grandmother and mum, watching and becoming involved in the process. At the age of 16 he studied at Buxton college which ignited his love of food. He started his career at Claridge’s in London for Gordon Ramsey under the guidance of Mark Sargent and Steve Allen, working to a Michelin standard. Daniel then went onto become more creative and experimental with cooking and flavours, whilst always striving to push the boundaries and limits. Daniel then found his calling at The School House Restaurant in January 2019 and injected his unique flare and passion into this vibrant venue.

Yes some flyers and the links will be great. We are very active on social media so anything we can do around that would be great. We tend to run competitions on social media as there is always so mush engagement for a freebie.