Cooking in a Camper


Paula’s Cooking in a Camper is now into the 4th year with the GBFF guys and all we can say is WOW. It is one heck of an experience to be able to show case our Cooking in a Camper recipes, meet brilliant producers, visitors plus see fabulous venues around the UK. So I hear some folk ask what/ who are “Cooking in a Camper” Well, Cooking in a Camper started off a few years ago when Paula was sat at one of our local beaches in North Wales. Ginger Craig said “ok, what are we going to do when the Burger van goes for the summer?” This was something of a shock to us as we thought everyone cooked in their camper vans/tents/ motorhomes/caravans- apparently not! SO we decided ( I say WE- G just ate the food along with Princess our daughter- they are the chief critics!) to develop some recipes that can be done basically on one cooker ring in confined spaces. Ideal for on holiday, student accommodation and of course at home. We often think may be it should be renamed “Cooking with limited facilities in confined spaces” but it just doesn’t have the same ring to it! In 2015 our paths crossed with the GBFF guys and we were asked to show case our recipes, since then we have gone from strength to strength (but still with the same trusty old cooker!) and 2017 saw Paula interviewed on national and local radio (we wont mention the Billy Bradshaw impersonation!) along with local paper reviews – we even had a famous celeb take a selfie with the Grumpy Old Surfer van at one of the shows!! So, what do our demo’s entail? Well, firstly they are fun, and you even get to have a go at some of the recipes so make sure you are paying attention! We show case the best of North Wales by telling you about the beautiful area we call home along with tips on surfing ! (G is THE grumpy Old Surfer- come along and see for yourselves!). We give hints and tips on where to go in your vans/tents – especially in the UK and of course we show you recipes you may not have thought you could do on simply 1 or 2 rings of a camping stove! And the best part is you get to taste all the food we cook, Our Quessedilas and Camper van Cheese cake are our specialities so what are you waiting for – pop over to the “Cooking in a Camper “ Tent- you will see it next to the Grumpy Old Surfer Van! and see for yourselves.