Babnas Patisserie

Babnas Patisserie


Trentham Gardens Saturday @ 3:30pm - Chef Demo

Harewood House Saturday @ 1:30pm - Chef Demo

Harewood House Saturday @ 3:30pm - Chef Demo


Babna, the creative force behind Manchester's renowned Babna's Patisserie, embarked on a delectable journey in 2019. Elevating the local culinary scene, Babna's passion for baking transcends borders, drawing inspiration from global flavours. Her patisserie has become a haven for unique, innovative desserts and bakery delights. Having conquered the hearts of both locals and critics alike, Babna's culinary prowess has earned recognition at esteemed dessert competitions in support of local businesses. With a penchant for French desserts, she regularly immerses herself in the vibrant pastry culture of France, gaining insights from top chefs and participating in masterclasses in the heart of Paris. Babna dreams of demystifying French desserts, making them accessible to the everyday home-baker. Armed with knowledge from Parisian maestros, she invites everyone to savour the transformative power of flavourful French desserts, crafted with passion and accessible to all. Join her in the sweet revolution as she champions the mantra, "French desserts made easy!"