Emma Young

Emma Young


Dalkeith Country Park Saturday @ 11:30am - Chef Demo

Knebworth House Saturday @ 11:30am - Chef Demo

Knebworth House Sunday @ 11:30am - Chef Demo

Dalkeith Country Park Sunday @ 11:30am - Chef Demo


"Emma Young is a cheese expert and author also known as The Cheese Explorer. She has worked in the industry for 13 years, through retail, wholesale and cheesemaking and she is now a consultant to the industry. She has recently been featured on BBC Inside Science, BBC Radio 4 "The Conversation" and a documentary about cheese on Channel 5. Her first book "The Cheese Wheel" came out in August of last year, a guide to the flavour and styles of cheese, how to taste them and how to pair them. Emma is an international cheese judge, certified cheese professional (ACS CCP), Garde & Juré in the International Guilde des Fromagers and she is about to be inducted into the Chaine des Rotisseurs later this year".