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Join our resident BBQ expert throughout the weekend for a jam packed timetable of BBQ Master-classes. Follow BBQ Ben's expert tips and recipes and he'll get you all set to be King (or Queen!) of your own BBQ!

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Join BBQ Ben in celebrating the Great British Barbecue, and get some fantastic tips and recipes to make your next barbecue a success

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After many years working for big corporations I set up my own consultancy business and wrote a book, The Haynes BBQ Manual that is available in over 75 countries. Since then I have self published “Essential BBQ Herbs & Spices” exclusively available on Amazon and created a range of BBQ rubs called “BBQ Buddy” with Flavour King for whom I am their Brand Ambassador. I advise several National companies and regularly write for the media, working continuously on projects for the Masterchefs of Great Britain and the Seafish Industry Authority. My favourite item to barbecue is fish, because you can char-grill, steam in foil, wrap in salted vine leaves or cook on wood (planking) – the options are endless! Mackerel and sardines work really well, all you need are fresh herbs, oil and flavours and the end taste is fantastic.

There are also some unsung barbecue heroes such as Sweetcorn, as well as aubergines and courgettes. Octopus is great and literally takes just two minutes to cook. All it needs is a marinade of tomato sauce, a few chillies, a bit of brown sugar and Worcestershire sauce. Don't forget desserts. Bananas, peaches and pineapple are fabulous on the barbecue. Wrap a banana in foil and place on the grill. When it's soft to the touch, slice it open and pour in a generous measure of Irish cream. Simple, but delicious.

The World BBQ Championships next year are in Belgium and the best teams from 80 countries are competing. A few years ago, I was a judge at the one in Morocco and it was amazing and fascinating to witness the different styles of barbecuing from around the world. The Moroccan competitors wore their traditional dress and sat on stools hand-turning the goat they were barbecuing for three hours. The team from Argentina cooked their meat on a huge metal cross and threw charcoal on the floor below it. They too hand-turned the meat – and danced while it was cooking!

In my spare time, I give more time to my favourite charity The Eleanor Children's Charitable Trust and have spent time in Targu Jiu, Romania distributing aid to orphanages, schools and hospitals.

Recently I have joined the board of the Masterchefs of Great Britain and I have become a Certified World BBQ Judge.
"I am on a mission to bring the joy of outdoor cooking to the nation and working with children and adults to explore the wonderful possibilities of traditional British food."