What a Great start to the year!

We have already hosted four of our nine events (where does the time go?) and we have five more in 2017. Here at GBFF HQ we can take a breather, look back (with a hint of pride) and plan for the future.

Over the past 4 festivals the biggest shock was little Emma at Weston Park. She smashed our Men v Food competition with ease, eating 99 inches of sausage in less then 6 minutes and downing a pint in that time too. Tim, our normal host, wasnt there at Weston so he thinks we miscounted the number of 18″ sausages – we assured him we can count to 5 (and a half). Emma will always be our Food Queen no matter what Tim says!!

Here is a little video showing the speed of the girl…

That was our first trip to Weston and we loved it there, seemed to be lots of folks from Shugborough (we got moved on from there after the estate was sold to the National Trust) had come over to us, as well as bringing a whole new crowd from Telford and Shrewsbury.

Coming next in our calendar are 3 events in July, two of which are new for 2017. Like Robbie, we are playing Knebworth. I might take my guitar and get on our music stage just so I can say I played Knebworth (for you, our guests, perhaps best I do so at midnight). This will our closest festival to London, just North of our great Capital, located not far from Luton and Kettering.

Were also down at Castle Howard, arguably our most beautiful and imposing of venues. Thats back up North, near York. We’re also at Kelmarsh, south of Leicester.

We hope to see you in July!!

Big love, Team GBFF

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What a Great start to the year!