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Things to do with the Kids

Toy Tomboloa - 10 random toys, labelled 10 tickets "1-10", "Roll up, Roll up"..... Treasure Hunt, hide all pieces of a puzzle around the house.... Like these, check out,
Draw seedlings for the GB Veg Survival Kit

What we've been upto

Just made some homemade soda bread, pretty good! (Daniel 6 hours ago)
Healthy Snack Time (Lauren 6 hours ago)
Warming up b4 joe starts (Nick 11 hours ago)
#YourSundayBest (Chris 1 days ago)
What does it say on my TShirt? I need to Google this (Nick 1 days ago)
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Question of the Day

How do you do your coffee?... click here 4.40pm - Premiere of Coffee Question with Howard Middleton (GBFF Social) - "It has to be Douwe Egberts"

Send your foodie videos

Be a part of it! Do something creative during the lockdown!!

Take a few videos of you cooking. We'll edit them into publishable footage. Like your favourite TV show!

Why not start now? Maybe you can film shots like these?

Start now by downloading the documents below....


Optional Extras (we think might be useful):

Send videos and applications to [email protected]

Watch our Food Festival video - Hardwick Hall 2019

Watch BBC News at Stonyhurst Collete video - Aug 2019

9am - Joe Wick Exercise Video

Visit here for latest video....

Video of the Day - Yoga to boost immunity with Sadhguru

Sadhguru says this pactice can increase lung capacity & boost immunity - "We could all do with a bit of that." Check out his book, Inner Engineering

GB Veg Survival Kit

We had grown a load of seeds into seedlings... then Coronavirus hit. So, rather than seeing most of the 70 lettuce seedlings go to waste, we want to get them and five other seedlings out to you. Then share our growing experiences. We've put together 6 veg into trays

  • 1 x Butternut Squash
  • 1 x Pea
  • 6 x Broccoli
  • 10 x Lettuce
  • 1 x Nastureum (flower)
  • 1 x Sweet Pea (flower)

We'll share videos on how to look after these plants as they grow, as a part of our Grow Your Own section.

Want to get involved? Email [email protected] - "currently only my neighbours can get the tray, coming to the wider-world soon"

I'd like to do a poster for this, maybe the kids can help drawing it.... download this and send in their efforts!


Broccolli - "By September your plants could look like this!!

How do you do your coffee?