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Guided walks are around the festival site in a small group. They last around 45minutes to 1hr and start at 10am, 11.15am, 12.30, 2pm and 3.15pm. Attending Harewood House, there the walks are led by Craig Worrall – find out more

These walks are not at all strenuous; we’re not on a route march.

Foraging is all about looking for detail, a concentrations on the plants – and, indeed, animals and insects – that we’d stride past under different circumstances.

Adele can normally be found at the information point, or you can ask there for details.

Foraging… the search for wild food resources.

Who said there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

Join our Forager Adele Nozedar at the GBFF! Adele Nozedar is author of several books including the best-sellers The Hedgerow Handbook and The GardenForager. She runs the Brecon Beacons Foraging School in Wales

You’ve heard of hunter-gatherers? Well, foraging for wild plants is the ‘gathering’ part of the equation. Wherever we are – even in cities – we are surrounded by plants which are essential to our lives, having edible, medicinal or cosmetic use. The problem is that, in general, the knowledge about plants which was once a part of our everyday lives has been forgotten. When people come on a foraging walk with me I’ve noticed that time and time again when I’m talking about a certain plant. Memories are triggered; something mentioned, maybe by a grandparent
long ago, is suddenly recalled.

Foraging itself is enjoying a resurgence. The best chefs in the world employ foragers to give interest to their recipes. Wild plants considered to be weeds have become a premium commodity, reserved in many cases for the very wealthy. If you come on a foraging walk with me I guarantee that you’ll be astonished at the variety of plants – some of them quite literally under your feet – which are useful, delicious, natural and free to those in the know! I am also an expert on the qualities of ‘cultivated’ or garden plants which are also edible. A ‘taster’ walk takes 40
minutes and will repay you many times over in cash saved as you start to incorporate wild ingredients into your diet.

craigHarewood House

We have Craig Worrall leading the walks. Craig’s mission? Hoping to facilitate and provide a connection with the various facets of the natural realm – including us – through the medium of wild edible food sources; fungi, plants, algae, animals.

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Stonyhurst College – Friday (21/04/2017), Stonyhurst College – Saturday (22/04/2017), Stonyhurst College – Sunday (23/04/2017), Hardwick Hall – Saturday (29/04/2017), Hardwick Hall – Sunday (30/04/2017), Hardwick Hall – BH Monday (01/05/2017), Harewood House – Saturday (27/05/2017), Harewood House – Sunday (28/05/2017), Harewood House – BH Monday (29/05/2017), Weston Park – Saturday (27/05/2017), Weston Park – Sunday (28/05/2017), Weston Park – BH Monday (29/05/2017), Kelmarsh Hall – Saturday (08/07/2017), Kelmarsh Hall – Sunday (09/07/2017), Knebworth House – Saturday (22/07/2017), Knebworth House – Sunday (23/07/2017), Castle Howard – Saturday (29/07/2017), Castle Howard – Sunday (30/07/2017), Bowood House – Saturday (26/08/2016), Bowood House – Sunday (27/08/2017), Bowood House – BH Monday (28/08/2017), Arley Hall – Saturday (23/09/2017), Arley Hall – Sunday (24/09/2017)


10am, 11:15am, 12.30pm, 2pm, 3.15pm