Nicola Millbank

Born and raised in Henley, Nicola is an Actress by day in Film and Television (Mount Pleasant, Mr Selfridge, Silent Witness) and an avid foodie by night under her nickname of Milly.

Cooking wholesome, real food has always been an integral part of her life now this foodie representing a new generation has over 35,000 followers on social media, and has presented a TV series for UKTV’s Good Food Channel.

‘Milly’ champions a new way of eating – turning away from eliminating food groups and self-persecuting fad diets towards an attitude to eating that is healthy and celebrates home cooking. It’s time to enjoy real food again.

Taking influence from across the globe – in particular Milly’s Scandinavian heritage – her new book Milly’s Real Food is packed with midweek suppers and decadent mid-week meals that epitomise Milly’s ethos: a little bit of what you fancy does you good. She shares her life with her fiancé and miniature dachshund Darcey.

Milly will be book signing following her demonstration

Nick MaycockNicola Millbank