New Diddy Cooks Recipes 2019

We’ve been working hard this week at Diddy Cooks HQ to whip up some fab new children’s cookery recipes, for our budding little baking visitors to try their hands at this year. Top of the list of recipe contenders so far are; Chocolate Truffles, Peppermint Pebbles, Orange Pebbles and Mango Creams! Yum Yum! We’ve had the very difficult task of persuading all children we meet to sample these chocolate and sweetie treats & vote for their favourites! So if you’re wondering where to take the kids for a fun day out over the Bank Holidays or Summer weekends, look no further than our Festivals and get them booked in for a Diddy Cook session, where they can give our new recipes a whirl!

If you are looking for ways to entertain your children in the meantime, why not let them have a go at last year’s children’s cookery recipes at home?

Happy Baking.

Get your children involved in some foodie fun, cooking classes  perfect for little budding chefs!
Fancy the little ones being entertained for 30-40mins, having the chance to get their hands dirty whilst learning how to make a fabulous treat, they can take home and eat -while you can stand back, watch & relax & best of all, leave us to clean up! (£3.50 per child)

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New Diddy Cooks Recipes 2019