30 Days until Stonyhurst!

Stonyhurst Food Festival is only 30 days away and we in the office cannot believe it. It’s come around so quickly, we hope you’re all as excited as us! We’ve got so many exciting things to offer you such as chef demos from local restaurants to inspire the inner chef in you, live music, a cake off and plenty to keep the kids entertained. We have a circus workshop, face-painting and kid’s cookery lessons.
Want your kids to grow into the next Jamie Oliver? Well get them booked onto one of our kids cookery lessons. We have many classes throughout the day which will keep them entertained for around 30 mins to allow you have finally have a rest! These classes will teach them all the basics to inspire them into cooking your meals in the future, and who wouldn’t want that?
Come to some of our chef demos to inspire the inner chef in you. Need a new trick to impress your family? Or want to spice up your normal routine? Well now’s your chance to learn from the masters as they teach you all you need to know.

At each of our food and drink festivals we’ve got so much to tempt you with I don’t know where to start!
Come along to our chef demos where the top local chefs will teach you everything you need to know to spice up your normal routine or impress those little food critics you feed every day.
Why not get involved in one of our many competitions and test yourself, can you win the Great British Cake Off? Entry your cake an you get free entry to the festival – see cakeoff ENTER HERE on our website for more info. What about one of our Men V Food challenges? There’s no harm in trying, you might surprise yourself with your hidden skills. Even if you don’t want to participate we need people to taste and vote so find your inner critic and help us out!
On top of all this we’ve got guided walks around the old Stonyhurst building – great to see inside this ancient school.

We can’t wait to see you at Stonyhurst!

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30 Days until Stonyhurst!